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What is project based learning?

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Welcome to Vanguard Academy

We know life doesn't happen in subjects or periods– For this reason, we are proud to offer our students a third learning program in Moses Lake for their secondary education.
Vanguard Academy seeks to provide hands-on learning, collaboration, innovation, critical thinking, and discovery in preparation for ‘the real world’. Students will develop valuable skills and knowledge for their professional development and life after graduation.
Opening Fall 2022, Vanguard Academy is an innovative, new high school where students learn through a project based curriculum, focused on active participation designed to engage students in their education. 

What is Project Based Learning?

Project Based Learning is an innovative approach to teaching that focuses on the work rather than the subjects. By providing students a core project to center their learning around, project based learning takes away the pressure of a full class schedule and allows students to learn the material gradually and comprehensively, emulating the way we continue learn and grow beyond the classroom in the real world. Students are empowered to explore their interests and passions as they take control of their academic journey. At Vanguard Academy, we foster innovation, coupled with technology, hands-on learning, collaboration, and professional development. 
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