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Sexual Education Information

December 15, 2022

Dear Families, 

Starting January 16th, your student will begin the sexual health unit in our class.  We will be using the Glencoe Human Sexuality Curriculum and the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  The goals of the curriculum are to prevent teen pregnancy, STDs, and sexual violence, and to increase family communication about sexual health-related topics such as dating, sex, and abstinence.

These lessons focus on building skills to support young people in remaining abstinent, as well as teaching about other methods of disease and pregnancy prevention.  It promotes respectful communication and builds skills for healthy relationships. I encourage you to ask your student about topics covered in class.

This curriculum provides a protocol for teachers when answering student questions about values that include referring students back to families to learn their specific values.  As a result, students may come home with questions about the values and expectations you have for them regarding these topics.  We hope that this will provide a meaningful opportunity for you to talk about these important topics.  A list of lessons is provided below.  If you have any questions or would like to preview the curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

  1. Endocrine System 
  2. Reproductive Health
    1. Female
    2. Male 
  3. Pregnancy and Childbirth
  4. Healthy Relationships
  5. Decision-Making Skills
  6. Abstinence 
  7. Consent 
  8. How to Prevent STI’s and STD’s  

If you choose to OPT your student out of this unit you may do so by emailing your student’s health teacher or  by sending a note with them to bring to class.  Students will be excused to the conference room in the office for the period that they are in Health and will have alternative assignments that will need to be completed.  



Amanda Saenz

Academic Designer

Physical Education/Health